Defensive tactics training: Elbow joint to arm bar

Having been an active street cop for the entire 33 years of my police career, as well as an active police trainer for 43 years, in this series I share some of the defensive tactics techniques that helped me prevail on the street. The series presents a variety of defensive tactics in a format that allows you to follow the instructions and practice the technique. Remember practice makes prepared.

Today I am going to gift to you a technique I used many times when I found myself alone on a traffic stop dealing with the resistance of a strong suspect. I also used it during many other circumstances to overcome extreme resistance.

It is a difficult technique to learn but effective. I call it the “elbow joint to arm bar.” It is a technique that is excellent for overcoming the resistance of a larger, even stronger person than you. It allows you to focus the strength of both your legs to overcome the strength of one of a subject’s arms to gain control. This is how it works.

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